Gal Gadot’s Cleopatra Film: Controversy, Historical Changes, and Everything We Know

A fair amount of Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie news has been coming down the pipeline, both causing controversy and garnering a fair amount of anticipation. The famed ancient Egyptian queen has been depicted on the screen countless times before but was most famously portrayed (and whitewashed) by actress Elizabeth Taylor in the eponymous 1963 historical epic. The latest actress to take up the mantle of Marc Antony’s lover was Casualty’s Adele James in Netflix’s pseudo-docuseries Queen Cleopatra. However, it seems that the Egyptian Queen’s story has a difficult time being told on the screen without drawing up controversy, as the docuseries was panned by critics.

The Latest Gal Gadot Cleopatra Movie News

The latest Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie news saw the actress speaking up about the importance of telling the Egyptian monarch’s story in her cover issue of Vogue Hong Kong. It’s no secret that historical accounts like that of Cleopatra tend to favor men’s side of the tale, and Gadot is seeking to bring justice to the historical inaccuracies regarding the Queen that have expounded over the centuries. It’s true that Cleopatra is often painted as a femme fatale in historical discourse, and many of the accusations surrounding her character could be deemed unfair. This is what Gadot is seeking to rectify, and her full, lengthy, quote can be read below.

The Gal Gadot Cleopatra Movie Has Been Confirmed

While there is no Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie release date yet, the film is confirmed as being in development. The first bit of Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie news came from the actress herself all the way back in 2020. And the project has been stuck in development hell ever since, facing further complications. When it lost director Patty Jenkins and moved from Universal Pictures to Paramount in 2022. However Gadot confirmed that the Cleopatra script was finished via Collider all the way back in 2021. Regardless, Cleopatra hasn’t begun filming, despite a slew of promotional images being released.

The Gal Gadot Cleopatra Movie Cast

Unfortunately, not a ton of Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie news has come out about the cast of the upcoming film. So far, the only confirmed member of the Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie cast is Gadot herself. There are a few things known, at least, about the crew involved with bringing Cleopatra’s story to the big screen. Her replacement is director Keri Skogland The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In addition, screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) has reportedly penned the finished screenplay.

The Gal Gadot Cleopatra Movie Story & Controversies Explained

While there’s no real Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie news about the actual story. It can be presumed that the film will chronicle the Queen’s place in Egyptian. And Roman history as the lover of Julius Caesar, the wife of Marc Antony. And ruler of Egypt. The Gal Gadot Cleopatra movie story will start at an unknown point in the figure’s life. But will probably see her ascend the throne after the death of her father King Ptolemy XII Auletes. After marrying Roman General Marc Antony. Their forces in the Civil War between Pompey and Caesar were slaughtered by the Roman Army of Octavian. And the couple committed suicide.

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