Salma Hayek Looks gorgeous in stylish blue shirt and black pants.

Salma Hayek Looks gorgeous in stylish blue shirt and black pants.. Looks stunning in simple style. The last selfie posted by Hayek confirms the trend. More than ever, celebrities share themselves without makeup on Instagram. Revealing even those little differences that make them unique (including freckles. Blemishes, and birthmarks), more and more natural snaps (without retouching, bare skin. And bare lashes) are being posted on Instagram that convey one positive message: accept yourself as you are.

Without any filter

This renewed authenticity echoes the latest upheavals in the beauty world, observed first and foremost on Instagram, with 500 million active users daily, where diversity is becoming increasingly important. Tired of overly edited and filtered images promoting an unattainable appearance. Social network users are turning to photos like these of untouched celebs. The trend is also catching on at runway shows, where the most popular makeup look is geared towards nude skin, with city women rushing to buy food supplements and book glow-boosting facials. The objective: not need to hide under layers of makeup. They accept themselves 100% and do not hesitate to reveal pictures without filters. In 2022, naturalness finally prevailed on social media! Zoom in on the celebrities who dare to pose without makeup on Instagram, like Hailey BieberAriana GrandeCandice SwanepoelAdele, or Gigi Hadid.


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