Gal Gadot in gorgeous black outfit. Looks stunning in this dress.

Gal Gadot in gorgeous black outfit. Gal Gadot is living her best life in Paris, and in an ideal world, somebody would Freaky Friday us right this minute. 

The Wonder Woman actress appears to have traveled to France for Christian Dior’s Women swear Fall Winter 2023-2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week today, Feb. 28, where she wore a glamorous black lace long sleeved top over a black bralette, paired with a tasseled black skirt and black leather boots. 

But before getting all dolled up for the busy day ahead, the former Miss Israel spent a calm morning in bed, sipping a hot beverage while bright light filtered into her hotel room.

Gadot shared a snapshot of the serene moment on her Instagram story, captioning it “Getting ready to start my day” and adding Paris in a location tag.
In the sunny pic, the actress sat propped against the headboard, her hair ruffled, and the sheets pulled above her chest to keep herself modest. Her phone rested in her lap as she lifted an ornate teacup to her mouth with both hands.

It’s a stark contrast to just yesterday when the actress and adventurer shared a photo of herself all bundled up for the winter weather. In the recent image, she sat before a giant fireplace, wishing her followers “a cozy week.”
The week before, the actress was on the tropical vacation of all of our dreams, enjoying boat rides, beach hikes, and more in the cutest of swimsuits.
As we said, she’s certainly living the dream.

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