Salma Hayek, 56, praises frequency machines and meditation for her Botox-free appearance.

Salma Hayek’s beauty comes from within.
The 56-year-old Oscar winner recently joined Kelly Ripa’s SiriusXM podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera,” for a wide-ranging interview on her beauty routine.
And despite her ageless appearance that frequently leaves fans flabbergasted, Hayek said she still hasn’t gotten help from injectables.
“No Botox,” the voluptuous actress told Ripa, explaining that she developed a “strange” meditation where she feels energy “dancing” throughout her body and crediting the practice with boosting her good looks.

Salma Hayek opened up to Kelly Ripa on the “Live” show host’s podcast about her beauty routines.

The “Frida” star credits her youthful looks to radiofrequency facials and meditation.

“I do many frequency machines, and they work on me better than anyone,” Hayek explained. “And just the meditation … sometimes when I’m doing it, people tell me when I come out of the room, ‘Oh my God, you look 20 years old.'”
The star said she also relies on radiofrequency and micro-frequency machines that tweak and tighten the skin in non-invasive ways, adding, “The people that do the machines say that the results I get, they don’t get with other people.”
Plus, her meditation sessions boast benefits beyond beauty.
“When I don’t [meditate] for some time, guess what? Not only [does] the face starts to drop, and everything starts to drop, [but also] my herniated disc, the problem in my neck, the problem in my hip, my ankles [comes back]. I start breaking down,” she said.

Hayek has previously posted photos embracing her gray hair and showing off her radiant makeup-free face

Hayek previously spoke out against Botox in 2017, telling DuJour, “I don’t believe in Botox because your face doesn’t move, and it’s something you have to do for the rest of your life, more and more every time.”
She joins a cadre of other stars who have banned the stuff, including Stevie Nicks, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep.
They could join Hayek in a meditation circle instead.

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