@Donna D’Errico celebrates OnlyFans anniversary in a yellow polka-dot bikini,,

She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini.
Donna D’Errico is celebrating her first anniversary on the sexy app OnlyFans in the tiny dotted bikini while multitasking and getting some housework done.

The former “Baywatch” babe shared the equally silly and sultry snap Monday with her Instagram followers as she scraped paint off in the string bikini.
“Two days until my first anniversary on ‘the site that shall not be named,” Donna told her devoted followers.
“Here’s me in a bikini scraping paint off a wall,” Donna continued with the hashtags “#rebelling” and “#stillhavingfun.”
As usual, D’Errico urged her followers to visit the OnlyFans link in her bio for more exclusive and stripped-down content.

The spicy content creator often shares seasonal photos in on-theme lingerie and swimwear.

The mom of two celebrated the holidays in crimson lingerie.

While some followers celebrated the swimwear, others were worried about the former Playboy Playmate’s safety and offered tips in the comments, like getting a power washer to “make that paint removal go faster.”

“You need to be at least wearing gloves!” one concerned commenter warned, which was echoed by others to “keep those hands lovely.”
“If you are [sic] not doing anything next weekend, I’m painting my house!” a commenter quipped as another offered her a sander to borrow.

“Wow, it’s almost been a year since I became a member of ‘that site,’ and I have to admit, I’m loving every minute!” the social media creator admitted.
D’Errico, who famously dons different versions of her famous red lifeguard swimsuit regularly for a popular online platform, wrote that the site provided “No haters, no trolls, no drama – just pure freedom to be me. No regrets, baby!”
Cheers to another year of Donna.

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