Salma Hayek, a woman unafraid of showing off her body in some of the most daring swimsuits.

These are the perfect words to describe Salma Hayek, a woman unafraid of showing off her body in some of the most daring swimsuits. Luckily for us, she is also essentially teaching a master class via social media on how to pose in a fun and glamorous way to show off your beach looks. From one-piece swimsuits to bikinis, one thing is certain about the mother of Valentina Paloma: she sure knows how to showcase her curves. Take a look at her best swimsuit poses and learn how you, too, can pose like a total diva this summer:

Happiness in blue

This image personifies the feeling of being relaxed and free. Even though Salma’s big smile is the photo’s main protagonist, there’s no denying that her elegant navy blue swimsuit contrasts perfectly. It also captures much attention. The best part about a swimsuit with a plunging neckline like this one is that it’s great for women who want to reinforce the bust area with proper support. Also, remember that this pose is excellent for slenderizing the figure.

Feisty animal print

“Summer in sight,

“Two-tone sensuality

“Classic and fabulous,,

“Fiery in fuchsia,,

“The lilac trend on the beach,,

“Prominent curves,,

Regarding sensuality and creativity, there’s no better photo than this one. Salma shows us that lying in the sand is a great way to pose for pictures. And here, where the movement of the waves also comes into play, we learn a great lesson on how to look sexy and relaxed. It is also an excellent pose for showing off her mauve-colored one-piece swimsuit, which brings out her olive skin and accentuates her entire body.

After seeing these photos, which of Salma Hayek’s swimsuit poses would showcase your figure the best?

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