@Salma Hayek Displays Beauty In A Bikini In Her Pose.

Insolent for some and daring for others, this photo was published under “Yes, tomorrow, I’ll be 53 years old. So what !?? » Says a lot about the state of mind of this Mexican actress of Lebanese origin, elected sex symbol since 1990. Indeed, the actress was seen in a blue bikini in the middle of the day at the beach and in the evening with his companion, who does not hesitate to stick his head against the birthday cake, which makes the seductive laugh that seems more fulfilling than ever.

Accustomed to putting her body in value during her public outings, Salma Hayek sends a strong message to women through this photo. You can see how full of life she feels by feeling good about herself, assuming her curves, and opting for the right colors. The turquoise blue the celebrity has chosen to enhance reflects the light very well and adds a touch of vitality and dynamism.

Some people may think that the one who broke the screen with her portrayal of Frida Kahlo and her sultry role in James Bond has every reason to feel comfortable in her body. Still, you do not have to be Salma Hayek, or any other star, to feel good about yourself. Through her attitude, the actress proves that neither the age nor the morphology of the body should interfere with the relationship between body and mind. This is a state of mind, a complement independent of the nature of your profession or environment.

“Body-positivism: a crazy good on morale,,

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