“Germany players, according to Joshua Kimmich, must be held accountable,,

There ought to have been a demand for many individuals to examine themselves after Germany lost an awful 4-1 decision to visit Japan.

Both coaches and players must reexamine why things are developing as they are and how they may work together to shift the flow.

Joshua Kimmich, a standout for Bayern Munich, requires the team’s players to put forth better efforts.

Even in terms of the score, the loss was well-deserved. Japan had even more opportunities to score. We needed to do more. We are unable to bring our caliber to the field. Kimmich told RTL that there was a lack of self-assurance (as reported by @iMiaSanMia). “We only ever claim to have a lot of quality, but we all too infrequently demonstrate it. As a result, we must evaluate our character. Since we are on the field, I hold us players responsible.


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