Salma Hayek and Camila Cabello are eating tacos. The couple enjoyed some tasty tacos in London on National Taco Day.


Both Hayek and Cabello frequently discuss their identities in public as advocates for their respective cultures. In her writings, Hayek often addresses Mexican cuisine and her experiences as an immigrant during a period when Hollywood didn’t have a place for them. In the instance of Cabello, she frequently talked openly about her experiences growing up as a Mexican-American lady with a Cuban-American father. “I was born in Cuba’s capital city of Havana when I was almost seven years old. We moved back and forth between the sweltering heat of Havana and the concrete jungle of Mexico City since my paternal grandfather was a true Mexican. “I didn’t realize it then, but boy, does it hit me now,” said Cabello in a letter that Pop Sugar posted online.


Camila Cabello’s music explores her heritage.

In her most recent album, “Familia,” Cabello examines her Latina identity and family history. In an interview with Vogue Mexico, she stated, “These last two years, I was in the core of my family, so the songs I heard were the ones I grew up with, my mom and dad listened to.” It resonated with me on so many levels that I wanted to replicate it for this record with my family practically.

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