“When “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot Kissed Kate McKinnon Passionately On Saturday Night Live, Raising Questions About Her Sexuality: “I Should Try & Kiss…”

During a 2017 Saturday Night Live (SNL) visit, Gal Gadot. Who has been married to Israeli developer Jaron Varsano since 2008. Startled her audience by going in for a hot kiss. When she kissed Kate McKinnon back then, many assumed that Gadot was coming out as a lesbian or a bi*xual. To find out more details, scroll down.


Gal Gadot is most known for her Wonder Woman performances, and during her 2017 SNL skit. She did not hesitate to mock her heroic persona. The actress was seen kissing another actress in the skit, which caused quite a few people to raise an eyebrow.

According to Animated Times, Gal Gadot once more dressed up as Princess Diana of Themyscira for her comedy with Aidy Bryant to parody her Wonder Woman movie. As Kate McKinnon’s character becomes ecstatic about discovering the long-lost island of Themyscira, a robot arrives at the shore. McKinnon and Bryant are revealed to be lesbians who travel to the island in search of friendship because they anticipate a love gesture from Wonder Woman. The character, played by Gal Gadot, tries to console the woman by offering to kiss one of them to see whether she would feel anything. “I know; maybe I should try kissing one of you and see if I feel something,” Gadot suggests.

Then Gal Gadot approaches and gives McKinnon a protracted steam kiss. After the kiss, Gadot apologizes, “I’m sorry, I feel nothing.” Aidy Bryant responds, “It’s like we’re in a p*rn, but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes,” which leaves the audience in splits.

Gal Gadot is a heterosexual woman in real life, and she and her spouse, Jaron Varsano, have three children together. Additionally, since the kiss was a part of the SNL farce, Gadot never mentioned it in her interviews.

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