“Ben Affleck caused a text message argument between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner,,

According to reports, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner got into a “heated text message argument” over the latter’s growing closeness to Ben Affleck.

According to a recent story, tensions between the Selena and Alias actors have never been higher, and Affleck is caught up in the issue.

The Air director cannot ignore his ex-wife, who is also the mother of his three children, while prioritizing his relationship with J.Lo, according to an insider who spoke with Life & Style.

Since Affleck went on a private date with Garner in Los Angeles, Lopez has grown too “jealous” of their relationship and wants her husband to hang out with her more.

According to the insider, Lopez thinks Affleck “lied” to her about how close he is to Garner, thinking that their relationship is now “stronger” than it was when “they were married.”

According to the informant, the ladies’ “peaceful coexistence” “is over.” According to rumors, J. Lo and Jen texted each other about Jen’s closeness to Ben, which caused things to get heated.

The source said that because of the friction between them, “Jen even called off some of their planned get-togethers as a blended family.”

About Lopez’s rage, the insider stated, “J. Lo rages when she gets jealous or feels threatened, and Ben has been on the receiving end of her wrath.”

According to the source’s last statement, “J. Lo has requested that Ben spend less time with Jen and Instead of focusing on him, yell at him, “She’s your ex-wife for a reason!”


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