“With this song, Suga from BTS joins EXO and (G)I-DLE in the Spotify 100 Million streams club,,

Suga, the second-oldest member of BTS. Who is now completing his military service in South Korea, has accomplished a fantastic achievement on Spotify. One of Suga’s tracks on his solo mixtape Agust D has received more than 100 million streams. According to data from the largest music streaming service in the world. The achievement was made on October 6th, making it the eighth song to join the lineup for K-pop Idol.

Spotify has reached 100 million streams of Suga’s The Last

Suga of BTS, renowned for his ferocious and quick-witted rap lines, released his August D mixtape in 2016. The Last, a song from this album, has reached the 100 million stream milestone on Spotify. Including Interlude, Shadow, Agust D, People, Strange, What Do You Think?, Burn It, So Far Away, and Daechwita; this is his ninth song to perform.

Bts Suga joins (G)I-DLE and EXO on the Spotify accomplishment list

Suga joined K-pop groups Exo and (G)I-DLE, each of which had nine songs in this lineup before the most recent development. Suga is the first solo artist to make the list, unlike the bands (G)I-DLE and EXO, which are both groups. BTS, with 61 songs; BLACKPINK, with 24; IU, with 15; and Twice, with 10, are a few K-pop groups that top the list with more than nine songs with 100 Million streams.


Suga’s recent activities with BTS

Suga from BTS is the third member of the group to enlist in the military, which is required in South Korea. Previously, after releasing their solo albums, Jin and J-hope enrolled. Days after completing his encore concert tour, D-DAY THE FINA. Suga enlisted in Seoul on August 6. The Daechwita crooner followed up his earlier mixtapes, Agust D and D-2, with his most recent solo album, D-Day, released in 2023. In addition, he released the film SUGA: Road To D-day. The global ambassador for the Italian luxury brand Valentino was then revealed to be the Haegum singer. He was eventually named the NBA ambassador, another feather in his cap.

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