“Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship may have evolved due to recent events,,

Jennifer Lopez abandoned a necklace she had been wearing in Ben Affleck’s honor, sending a clear message about where their marriage stands.

In Malibu, the Hollywood starlet ditched her renowned “Ben” pendant in favor of a “Jennifer” necklace after rumors of a marital spat with the director of Air.

Several pictures have been taken of J.Lo showing off her “Ben” necklace. The locket, however, was not visible during her most recent visit.

According to the Daily Mail, Lopez accentuated her stunning outfit with chic gold-tinted eyeglasses, an oversized olive green shirt, and matching balloon pants. She also wore high heels.

Following reports that Affleck yelled at his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, about Lopez’s outbursts, she reportedly became enraged.

According to a source close to Ben, his reliance on Jen as a confidante may have gone too far. He has revealed some alarming details to her regarding J. Lo’s rage and the offensive texts she sends him.

The insider said, “He shouldn’t have done it because he recognized that her infamous diva attitude can be tricky to handle.

Additionally, they claimed that Lopez and Garner had a text message argument about the latter’s growing closeness to Affleck, with the insider saying that “things got heated.”

The source said that because of the friction between them, “Jen even canceled some of their planned get-togethers as a blended family.”

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