“When Salma Hayek’s sexy photo shoot in a sheer black outfit had everyone quaking in their boots and breaking the internet, she was seated cross-legged.

Salma Hayek is a mystery on screen and has long been regarded as the queen of audacity. The actress has always exuded confidence, beauty, and extraordinary talent. Even at the age of 50+, Hayek continues to set fashion objectives for us, and today, we are sharing with you yet another chic ensemble of the Desperado star that is light and calming to the eyes.

Salma is highly active on social media and frequently shares images with her followers to inform them of her everyday activities. Hayek, also an actress, is a devoted animal lover who keeps various animals on her property. She once even claimed to be having an affair to bring a stray puppy home.

Cristian Milla posted a flashback shot of Salma Hayek from 2017 for Elle France on X. According to that; Steven Pan took the photo. The actress wears a sheer black dress with cutout details to highlight her voluptuous form. As she posed gracefully for the picture, the actress looked incredibly lovely.

Salma Hayek’s cosmetics enhanced her appearance further, and the stray hairs that fell across her face added to her allure. The actress from Eternals chose a simple beauty look with a peach cheek blush and translucent foundation. The mascara-covered eyes have a soft brown shade. She decided to have n*de lips and a subtle smile on her face. Her nails were kept in good condition and color-free to keep the look subtle.

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