“Gal Gadot’s departure necessitates a new Wonder Woman for the DC Universe,,

In the new DC Universe, Gal Gadot won’t be playing Wonder Woman again, which gives some outstanding actors and actresses the chance to fill the role. In several DCEU films, including two solo outings, Gadot played Diana Prince. These were the acclaimed Wonder Woman and the harshly panned Wonder Woman 1984. When James Gunn and Peter Safran announced they would be relaunching the DC Extended Universe with their new DC Universe and Wonder Woman 3 was canceled, her future as Wonder Woman became questionable.

1. Jaimie Alexander

Then, Gadot made some remarks that hinted at a comeback as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, with her reportedly working with Gunn and Safran on a Wonder Woman 3. That has since been refuted by news that the Justice League actors from the DC Extended Universe won’t be appearing as their respective characters in Gunn’s DC Universe. Jason Momoa, who played Aquaman, is reportedly negotiating to take on a new DC role in the DCU, which would mean a new character for Gadot in any potential DC role. Therefore, Gadot’s Wonder Woman character is open for the new DC Universe, and several excellent actresses may take it on.

2. Adrianne Palicki

3.Naomi Scott

4.Conor Leslie

5.Alexandra Daddario

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