“Jennifer Lopez removes her ‘Ben’ jewelry as Ben Affleck’s ex, Jennifer Garner, is embroiled in a scandal,,

Jennifer Lopez was photographed wearing a ‘Jennifer’ necklace rather than her regular ‘Ben’ jewelry, fueling speculation of marital strife.

Jennifer Lopez has fueled suspicions that her marriage to Ben Affleck is in danger by switching out her “Ben” jewelry for another. The singer was spotted wearing a necklace bearing her name, Jennifer, rather than her husband’s.

Lopez was pictured wearing a stunning green ensemble with a flowy shirt and matching trousers. She wore gold sunglasses and shoes, her hair in a half-up ponytail. She also changed her jewelry to a necklace that spells Jennifer rather than Ben.

The ‘Mother’ actress has been wearing the “Ben” necklace since August when she initially flaunted it in an apparent naked picture. She also wore a silver crucifix necklace and other rings, including Affleck’s $5 million engagement ring.

The jewelry symbolizes Lopez’s love for Affleck, whom she will marry in 2020. Last month, Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, was seen hugging him in a car, fueling the rumors.

Garner and Affleck had three children and have remained close friends since their divorce in 2018. According to some accounts, Garner has been a cause of contention between Affleck and Lopez. According to one source, Affleck told Garner about Lopez’s temper tantrums and diva attitude.

“He’s made some shocking confessions to her about J. Lo’s temper and the obnoxious texts she sends him that he shouldn’t have.” “He admitted that her well-known diva attitude can be difficult to deal with,” OK! Magazine said.

Affleck has also denied having affection for Garner, claiming that they are simply co-parenting.

“Ben has insisted to J. Lo that she is his only woman and that he only cares about Jen.”

According to the source, Garner “really wants to like J. Lo for the sake of the kids,” but “Ben is making that difficult.” “His latest gripes changed her perspective,” they said.
According to another rumor earlier this month, Lopez requested that Affleck go to the couple’s counseling after viewing images of him and Garner.

Lopez and Affleck have neither confirmed nor rejected the rumors.

Lopez’s decision to replace her “Ben” necklace with a “Jennifer” one could be interpreted as a subtle message that she is focused on herself rather than her husband. It could also be a method for her to demonstrate her independence and self-love amid the marital turbulence.

Lopez has not commented on the necklace alteration or the marriage rumors. She has been active in her music career, releasing new songs and performing at numerous events.


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