” Jennifer Lopez displays her décolletage in a see-through black lace shirt..

She played down her appearance. While filming scenes for her upcoming NBC drama Shades Of Blue in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon. She was dressed in unremarkable office attire.

But hours later, Jennifer Lopez posted a lovely photo of herself on her Instagram page. Reminding her followers that she is still one H tamale. The 46-year-old Booty singer looked incredible in a low-cut black lace top that beautifully displayed her décolletage.

While filming a demanding pursuit scene near a subway in Brooklyn for the movie Shades of Blue. Which she is also producing with Nuyorican Productions, Lopez demonstrated that she was up to the challenge.

But as she waited for her cue from the director in between acts, the 46-year-old actress gave herself a great big yawn.

Despite having little sleep, which is acceptable given her schedule, Jennifer acted quickly as soon as the cameras were trained on her. The celebrity began to run, her curly bob bouncing as she walked through a metropolitan sidewalk crowded with people moving quickly while strolling.

As she crossed a street and made her way to what appeared to be the underground transportation system, Jennifer’s booted feet pounded the pavement. She wore a low-cut, tight black shirt, pants, and a blue coat. At one point, she shook off the bulky wrap.
JLo could relax in her director’s chair with her booted feet hanging after a well-done job.

Jennifer grinned a little bit as she looked through her iPhone’s texts.

Since the beginning of filming in New York City on June 1, which includes many chase scenarios and even one in which she was knocked down a stoop by the offender, she has been holding up well.

In the new drama, which will premiere on NBC in the middle of the season, Lopez is a single mother and police officer who turns informant for the FBI’s anti-corruption task team.

She is also one of the show’s producers, along with Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo.

Jennifer also had a busy weekend because she had a performance at the Las Vegas iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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