“When it Comes to Aging, Jennifer Lopez Says, “We Are at Our Best as We Get Older”

There is no denying the power of nature. Jennifer Lopez has a stunning appearance and has consistently been among the most attractive ladies in the public eye. But how does she feel on the inside now that she is 45? Pretty darn incredible.

She told the Sunday Mirror, “I guess I always felt sexy. “Now even more. I feel more like myself and am more familiar with myself.

Lopez claims that until we reach an advanced age, ladies are unaware of how much better getting older is.

She said, “I think in the past, the thought was that your 20s are when you are at your best, and after that, it’s downhill,” she told the newspaper. Women are beginning to understand that we perform at our best as we age. There is something sexy and alluring about that for all men. We are more intriguing, appealing, and self-assured than ten years ago. What’s the big deal, then?


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