“Jennifer Lopez Said What She Eats During the Weeknights,,

In January, Jennifer Lopez went on a 10-day no-sugar and no carbs diet, enabling her to lose five pounds. However, the Hockey Star appeared to be quite far from that diet on Tuesday, consuming various items that included carbohydrates.

In a video posted by her sister. Alex Rodrigez, the 49-year-old singer was seen preparing a light salad with field greens and radishes. A range of lean meats, and a side plate of finger sandwiches.

Angry Woman In January, Jennifer Lopez went on a 10-day no-sugar and no carbs diet that helped her lose weight. However, the celebrity appeared to be quite far from that regimen on Tuesday. Eating a variety of items that included carbohydrates.

Her options are: The 49-year-old singer posted a video from her dinner table where she could be seen enjoying a side plate of finger sandwiches, a light salad made of field greens and radishes, and a choice of lean meats.

Although it is unknown where she had been, the celebrity claimed to be back in the United States and watching baseball on a TV beside her bed. She is engaged to former New York Yankees player Rodrigez.

The siren was wearing a pink tank top that displayed her tattooed arches. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She has been ringing nonstop in honor of her 50th birthday.

The singer of Amor Amor Amor was sporting her sizable diamond engagement ring from Alex; the two plan to tie the knot later this year. The singer recently performed for her in Texas Today is My Party.

She congratulated everyone who had participated in the collective journey when she finished the diet challenge six months ago.

The singer admitted on social media that she and Rodrigez found the challenge difficult but were already considering beginning a second round in a few days.


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