“Over 700 industry luminaries, including Gal Gadot, Amy Schumer, and Jerry Seinfeld, signed an open letter supporting Israel.,,

In light of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. More than 700 entertainment industry members have signed an open letter expressing their support for Israel and decrying Hamas.

Among those who signed the letter. Made public on Thursday by the nonprofit entertainment industry organization Creative Community For Peace, were Gal Gadot. Amy Schumer, Mayim Bialik, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Mark Hamill, Debra Messing, Liev Schreiber, and Chris Pine also signed the petition.

In the letter, the entertainment sector leaders are urged to “speak out strongly against Hamas and do everything they can to urge the terrorist organization to return the innocent hostages to their families.”

It’s terrorism. This doesn’t seem right. The letter stated, “There is no defense or explanation for Hamas’ behavior.

Israel has estimated that the weekend attacks by Hamas resulted in at least 1,200 fatalities and thousands more injuries. Israeli police claim that Hamas allegedly holds up to 150 hostages in Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, since Israel began attacking Gaza in response to last Saturday’s fatal Hamas attack, at least 1,537 people have died, including 500 children and 267 women. According to the ministry, six thousand six hundred twelve more individuals have been hurt.

An advisory advising public figures in the entertainment sector to “refrain from sharing misinformation about the war” and to avoid magnifying any “propaganda” was also included in the letter.

The letter said, “We hope for the day when Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace, and our thoughts are with all those experiencing unfathomable levels of fear and violence.”

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