“The Big Bang Theory’s female friendships were its most outstanding feature.”

The Big Bang Theory is ending, but among pop culture insiders, there aren’t many tears being shed. No self-respecting real nerd admits to watching the show even though it has long dominated the ratings. Because of this, it’s intriguing to observe that the show’s nerdy elements haven’t been its most engaging or crucial for many seasons.


The series suffered a significant tonal shift in Season 3 when it introduced two extra women to the cast, Mayim Bialik’s Amy and Melissa Rauch’s Bernadette. This colossal shift may have gone unnoticed by fans who stopped watching the program after it found its original, heavy-handed stride. The show overcame its reputation as a shallow, one-note repository for physics puns and awful Shatner impressions because of their additions, which at first served only as love interests for Sheldon and Howard and allowed nearly every main character to acquire new depth and nuance. (Actually, there was still a ton of that.)

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