“Salma Hayek is stunning in the Bucraft Blue Dress. Salma Hayek stunned her followers when she posted her most beautiful photo on social media, making a very audacious message,,.

The 54-year-old actress uploaded a throwback image of herself. At the illustrious awards ceremony as she prepared for the forthcoming Golden Globes.  Salma was captured on camera on the red carpet looking stunning in a blue gown that complemented her fantastic body.

“Salma appeared to be positively glowing in the photo and was grinning. Her admirers were astounded by her beauty and wrote: “You are the most stunning woman in the world,” “So pretty,” and many others echoed the sentiments with on-fi*e emojis.

The picture was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic at the 2020 Awards. Salma was sporting a Gucci dress in two tones of blue and white, which undoubtedly attracted attention.






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