“Salma Hayek poses for a new photo, showcasing her incredible toned body and great cleavage in a swimwear top and skirt.

Salma Hayek flaunted her impressive toned figure this week in her newest hot Instagram photo, which featured a tight bikini top. The 56-year-old actress flaunted her assets and firm midriff in a tiny bikini top, making her the epitome of confidence and charm.

She accessorized this with a beautiful white and blue striped skirt that had fringe. Arms positioned one against the wall and the other along the railing of the stairs. Hayek’s ebony locks extended well beyond her shoulders, featuring abundant organic waves and a split in the center.

The celebrity wore pink lip gloss and smokey eye makeup for the photo. The screenplay was written by Olivia Milch, who has written, directed, and produced Netflix’s Dude and co-wrote Ocean’s 8.

In addition, Hayek is starring in a drama film, Without Blood, directed by her close friend Angelina Jolie. During an August 2022 interview with People, the actress extolled Jolie’s qualities and spoke highly of her working relationship.

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