“Behind the scenes at Grown Ups 2, Salma Hayek’s daughter did some adorable things.”

“In the exercise studio, I had her daughter calling ‘action’ and ‘cut’ in the Jon Lovitz scene,” he says. “Her daughter directed that scene!” As it happens, Salma is an involved mother.

He remarks, “She adores that little kid.” “It’s not just nannies; the child goes where she goes. That’s her. She’s excellent.
Did Salma enjoy shooting the follow-up? “I have many happy memories,” the minor Salma remarks. “I had a terrific time. It’s easy to do if exciting things are going on. There are moments when nothing else is going on when you enter the movie, but there are also moments when nothing else is happening in your career. However, it’s far more fascinating when exciting things are happening.




Recently, she rushed about her daughter on Valentina’s 13th birthday last year in an Instagram throwback photo where Hayek was seen posing in her underwear.

“The little child that developed inside my womb officially becomes a teenager tomorrow. At the time, Hayek wrote, “They grow so fast.”

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