“Did Jennifer Lopez Have a Problem with Her Clothes at the Oscars?

Several fans took to the Internet during Jennifer Lopez’s presentation of Best Costume Design and Best Makeup alongside fellow bootylicious actress Cameron Diaz, claiming to have witnessed the sophisticated diva slip—or, more accurately, have her wardrobe malfunction—on live television.

Every inch of the outfit fit her flawlessly,” Haenn said to E! News.

“There were built-in cups, and there’s no possibility that there were any other cups if that makes sense.falls.’ The joke is on everyone who wishes they had seen something, even though the clothing did provide the appearance of sheerness.”

Even though there was no unintentional areola appearance, Lopez, according to Haenn, has no intention of keeping things formal moving forward.

The stylist said, “If you thought that dress was hot, wait until you see what’s next.”

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