“Melissa Rauch of Big Bang Theory claims she was fired because a director spotted her hands: Ah, Jesus Christ!

Melissa Rauch, star of Big Bang Theory, disclosed that during her aspirations to become an actor, she received unfavorable criticism from a commercial director. The 42-year-old revealed how a director had shamed her hands during an audition, costing her a position in a restaurant advertisement. She was promoting her new Night Court sequel series on Friday’s episode of The View.

“My hands were a major hindrance during my initial commercial auditions and trips. After cohost Sara Haines questioned her on the necessity of having thick skin for criticism in Hollywood, she told the panel, “I kind of have Hobbit hands… especially when I was living in New York, they were always chapped.”

AB Melissa Rauch talks about playing “The View” with her hands.

“I was shortlisted to be a waitress in a Friday commercial, and I was working furiously on it. Would I be available the following week? They asked. “All right, that’s great; I’m so glad you’re available next week,” they remarked during the callback. Let us see your hands, please, for the camera one last time. Recall, ‘Show them front and rear.'” The director called out, “Jesus Christ!” from behind the camera as soon as I did it. The position wasn’t awarded to me.

Before becoming a well-known person, cohost Sunny Hostin disclosed that she was also let go from the same chain after accidentally spilling a plate of blintzes on a patron while under the influence of alcohol. Rauch has fortunately secured another job. On Tuesday, NBC, she makes her Night Court revival series debut, following a 12-season run on The Big Bang Theory.

















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