“Wonder Woman: From worst to greatest, every Gal Gadot DC film,,

One of DC Comics’ most well-liked and underappreciated characters is Wonder Woman, along with her alter ego, Diana Prince.

She has the least amount of film presence despite having an almost 80-year comic book history and being instantly recognizable, especially compared to other DC heroes like Batman and Superman, who have had numerous big-screen adaptations.

But when Gal Gadot’s character was formally unveiled to the DC Extended Universe in 2016, everything changed. The actress has subsequently come to be associated with the legendary hero, although her most well-known performance was as Giselle in the Fast and Furious trilogy.

The character now holds the record for most appearances in the DCEU thanks to her two solo ventures and several cameos in the other films in the franchise. Here is a list of every DC film that features Gal, graded from worst to most excellent, because the franchise is about to undergo a reboot, and the part will undoubtedly be replaced for James Gunn’s DCU.




















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