“Gal Gadot in an celebrity photo print wearing a purple dress,,


Superheroes like Wonder Woman are designed from the ‘ideal,’ they show us how that ‘ideal’ has evolved through each generation. Now, when you throw in some rebooted Greek mythology, you better understand why the comic book world has invaded the entertainment industry. It is no longer the world of young kids in comic book stores anymore.


To this end, the announcement that actress Gal Gadot will play the part of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel has brought this topic front and center.


Although Gal Gadot has many appealing qualities, casting her as Wonder Woman is a shift from the iconic images of the Amazon warrior princess we grew up with. Gone are classic Wonder Woman features: broad shoulders and hips, strong arms, large breasts, muscular legs, and an angular face.


With the Gadot version of Wonder Woman, we have a Victoria’s Secret-like makeover defined by a slender trunk, narrow waist, soft facial features, and moderately sized breasts.


It is a little hard to imagine an Amazon warrior princess who is a size 0 with model-like beauty and looks better in heels than fierce boots. We will have to see what DC Entertainment cooks up for the movie.


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