“”The Cute Twins of JLo: They Make a Stunning Arrival on Ellen and Share Details About Their Coordinated Clothes”,,

Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s nine-year-old twins, stunned everyone by joining mom on stage during yesterday’s edition of The Ellen Show. J. Lo inquired about being able to bring her kids outside when Ellen DeGeneres questioned whether she had brought them.


The children of Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony entered the stage with Ellen’s blessing as Jenny From The Block played in the background.


Jennifer Lopez brought her twins, Emme and Max, along for the family-friendly Ellen appearance. Max wore a white jumper jacket and red plaid trousers, while Emme wore a silver dress.


The fashionista dressed her kids adorable. Jennifer claims that Emme goes by “Lulu.” During the performance, Emme perched on her mother’s lap, and Max entertained himself by ducking behind a chair and then cuddling up in his mother’s arms.


Ellen said that Emme looked much like Jennifer in her clothing, and J. Lo proudly called her her “mini-me.”


Emme and Max delighted their mother by belting out the lyrics to her hit song “Jenny From the Block” during their spring break from school.




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