“The amazing dancing performance by Taemin of SHINee and Jimin of BTS goes viral. View now,,”

BTS’s Jimin joined forces with SHINee’s Taemin, who are great friends. And the duo recently treated their fans to an exhilarating dance performance to the song ‘Guilty.’ The song marked Taemin’s comeback. After his military enlistment and was released on October 30th.

Guilty was announced on October 10, 2023. By releasing a teaser image showing a person’s feet standing next to a white T-shirt strewn across the floor. On October 13, Taemin uploaded a “photo dump” to social media, depicting scenery such as deserts, swimming pools, and streets. He released various online promotional content, including mood clips, teaser images, and trailers.

This isn’t the first time Jimin and Taemin have performed together. They previously showcased their friendship through TikTok videos and collaborated for the Gaya Daejukjae performance in 2016. Causing a frenzy among fans. Later, he opened up about their friendship on Suga’s show, Suchwita, and said, “I am grateful to Suga for inviting me as a guest on his show. And we were able to talk about things too.” He added, “Thanks to that, I gained a new good friend, and he has become someone I have been keeping in contact with. And I am thankful towards Jimin, too.”

Suga also teased the BTS reunion on the show and said, “We’re living in reality in 2023, but we always talk about the past when we had such a hard time. Talking to the members about the past is the most fun. Whenever we shoot our content, we talk about the past. We’re waiting for the complete regroup. Gathering together in 2025.” Jimin added, “We’re desperately waiting for that. We want to promote together.” For the unversed, as per South Korean law, all non-disabled men are expected to serve 18 to 21 months in the military before their 28th birthday. However, the group was granted a two-year deferral after the South Korean government passed a bill allowing the most prominent K-pop stars to delay their service until they reached 30.

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