Gal Gadot has just finished a training session at the gym when she joins our video call, gasping as she catches sight of herself on screen. “I look like I’ve spilled out of a storm!” she laughs, apologizing for having dashed straight from her workout. In truth, Gadot looks just as stunning as ever.


She is gregarious and fun to speak to from the get-go, laughing and joking with a joy that’s immediately infectious. “I try not to take myself too seriously,” she smiles as she sips on a cool drink. “I’m an entertainer, and I like to have fun and laugh. I think when we start taking ourselves too seriously, that’s when all the fun goes out the window.”


The daily training Gadot received certainly proved useful for her latest film, Netflix’s new action-romp, Heart of Stone. In this, she plays Rachel Stone, a secret agent for a mysterious organization of elite peacekeepers called ‘The Charter.’ Gadot is seen variously gliding down a steep, snowy mountain, diving off a high cliff, and parachuting into the desert. It’s a breathless watch, but all in a day’s work for Gadot.


“Every film I make in this genre, I always say to myself at the end of the film, ‘It can’t get any more physical than that,’ and then along comes the next film to prove me wrong,” Gadot smiles, recalling some of the many stunts she took part in on set.


“It bumped up this time,” she adds, raising her hands as she describes the action that continued to go “up and up and up” throughout the production. “From fighting in the air to diving into the sea to the mountain [chase], it’s been full-on physical.”


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